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ESP Strategic Vision

The ESP Programme takes its vision from the National Social Protection Policy. The Policy provides the overarching framework outlining a clear vision and strategic objectives for social protection in the Ugandan context within the framework of the country’s Vision 2040 and the National Development Plan. The ESP Programme draws on the Policy and its Programme Plan of Intervention as it is designed to contribute to Uganda’s vision for its national social protection system.

National Social Protection Policy Vision

A society where all individuals are socially secure and resilient to socio-economic shocks


To reduce extreme poverty and socio-economic inequalities for inclusive development by 2024


Provision of integrated, comprehensive and coordinated social protection services to address risks and vulnerabilities associated with age, gender, disability, health, employment and poverty

 Expected Outcomes

  • A sustainable, efficient and well-coordinated social protection system institutionalized, financed by the Government of Uganda and reaching beneficiaries
  • Vulnerable citizens benefit from regular, predictable direct income support

The ESP II will contribute to Uganda’s social protection objectives by delivering expanded direct income support and by institutionalizing a strong national social protection system, through the National Social Protection Policy implementation. A central component of ESP II is the roll out of the Senior Citizens Grant (SCG).

ESP II contributes to the broader objectives outlined in the National Social Protection Policy aimed at reducing poverty and socio-economic inequalities for inclusive development, which in turn will help build a population that is secure and resilient to socio-economic risks and shocks.

ESP II will support the following objectives, which are aligned to the Government of Uganda Social Protection Programme Plan of Intervention (PPI):

  • Expand provision of direct income support, contributory social security and social care and support to vulnerable individuals and households;
  • Strengthen the institutional framework for coordinated social protection service delivery in Uganda
  • Enhance the enabling environment for the development and implementation of social protection policy

 ESP II Outputs

ESP II will deliver the following outputs by June 2022:

Output 1: Government of Uganda capacity strengthened to lead, coordinate and implement the Social Protection Policy

Output 2:  A sustainable national system for delivery of cash transfers operational and institutionalized within GOU

Output 3: Regular and reliable payments delivered to the Senior Citizens Grant beneficiaries on a national scale.

Output 4: Increased public understanding & demand for an accountable social protection system