1.0 Background

The Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development, with support from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID/UKAID) and IrishAid, is rolling out the second phase of the Expanding Social Protection Programme (ESPII).

This phase follows on the success of the first phase of the Programme (ESPI) under which the Ministry piloted the Senior Citizens Grant in 15 districts. Key among the successes of the ESP I was development of capacity of the Government of Uganda and systems for implementation of social protection programmes in the country, and formulation, approval and launch of the National Social Protection Policy. Based on this success, the Government of Uganda in August 2015, announced a phased roll out of the Senior Citizens Grant to an additional 40 districts over the period 2015-2020, starting with 20 districts in FY2015/16, and subsequently adding 5 new districts every year till FY 2019/20. It is therefore within the context of the National Social Protection Policy that the Senior Citizens Grant is now being implemented.

Strategic communications to increase awareness of the stakeholders on social protection, the National Social Protection Policy and the Senior Citizens Grant is critical for the work of the Programme.

ESP therefore wishes to contract services of a Media Monitoring firm to provide daily media monitoring reports.

2.0 Key Tasks

The contracted company will:

  • On a day to day basis monitor key media outlets (radio, TV, newspapers, online; blogs, social media) to keep record of mentions, reportage and debate on agreed parameters related to ESP, social protection, National Social Protection Policy, and the Senior Citizens Grant other topical issues that will be spelt out in the search parameters
  • Provide on a daily basis all media clips and recordings (in JPEG, MP3 and MP4 formats) where the key issues have been mentioned, cited, covered, discussed concerning social protection, national social protection policy, SAGE, Senior Citizens Grants, Expanding Social Protection Programme and related issues/persons,
  • Provide summaries of where mentions were made; media, page, minute log (for electronic media), estimated value of each media space/airtime in Uganda shillings
  • Once a year provide an assessment of coverage, mentions, etc. of the issues agreed and provide estimated value for the annual coverage in Uganda shillings

3.0 Requirements

The contracted company should demonstrate the following:

  • Technical capacity of equipment to accurately monitor radio, TV, print and web media (including online publications, blogs, social Networks-Facebook, twitter and other relevant online platforms simultaneously
  • Demonstrate availability of human resources to accurately and simultaneously perform the tasks
  • Demonstrate experience of undertaking media monitoring for Government of Uganda or a department/Programmes of it or similar big organizations.

4.0. Call for Technical Proposals/Request to tender.

This is to request for proposals from eligible and qualified firms to provide the media monitoring services. The full terms of reference can also be accessed on our website: (http://socialprotection.go.ug)

Interested companies are therefore invited to submit their technical proposals (how they understand and plan to undertake the task, including their technical capacity) and financial proposal (how much it will cost for the services described in the terms of reference. Firms will be selected on the basis of capacity, quality, experience reliability and cost. The winning service provider will be contracted for a period of one year, renewable based on satisfactory service, continued need for the service and availability of funding.

Expressions of interest clearly marked; Proposals for Provision of Media Monitoring Services should be delivered by 14.00 hours’ local time on Thursday 24th November, 2016.


The Procurement Officer

Expanding Social Protection Programme (ESP)
Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development
Plot 9, Lourdel Road P.O. Box 28240,

Website: www.socialprotection.go.ug
Or by e-mail: procurement@socialprotection.go.ug

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